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Two Minute Anytime Seva

One of the primary aspects of Devotional Service is to keep the temple neat and tidy like anything. Srila Prabhupada wanted all his temples to be revolutionary clean. HG Harivilas Prabhu always says that if we walk past dirt or any unclean/unnecessary items in the temple, without doing anything about it, then that reflects our consciousness, which is not very clean.

So here's one way to keep our temple, which is more than our home, and by doing so our own consciousness, revolutionary clean. We can all do so together, if we sign up for this 2 minute anytime seva.

The Underlying Principle

The principle is to "Divide and Conquer", so your service area is small and you can do it quickly anytime you come to the temple.

The Divisions and what you need to sign up for:

We have divided the temple into 26 different areas for seva classified under 6 different categories.
Each one of the Bhakti Gita Students need to pick up at least 1 area for seva.
You are highly recommended to pick more than one, but at least one is mandatory.
Since there are at least 70 students, if each signs up for at least one, we can have at 3 people for each service, which will be great.

How to do the service

Anytime you come to the temple, tidy up and neaten the specific area assigned to you.
Since the area is pretty small, you can most likely finish it within 2 minutes.
Hence this is called as 2 minute anytime seva.
Please sign up Here

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